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Crack The NEXT Exam for MBBS
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For students studying
in medical colleges in India

Students’ Category Proposed MBBS completion Appearing NEXT-1 Next Online Course Date of course completion Total Fees
1st Year Dec-24 Mar-25 4 Years 31-Dec-24
2nd Year Dec-23 Mar-24 3 Years 31-Dec-23
3rd Year Dec-22 Mar-23 2 Years 31-Dec-22
4th Year Dec-21 Mar-22 2 Years 31-Dec-22
For MBBS Abroad Students
2nd Year Jul-25 Mar-26 5 Years 31-Dec-25
1st Year Jul-26 Mar-27 6 Years 31-Dec-26

*In above table, for 4th yr MBBS student, joining Tagore Bright Edu World 2 yrs course is a better choice. Because we will continue his coaching till end of 2022. So that we prepare him for practical component also. If this student joins 1 yr course we will coach him for 365 days from the date of joining.

Our 1 yr course is joined by students who are preparing for NEET-PG 2021 (Jan) or FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) Dec 2020.

If student joins some course & there is few months’ discrepancy in duration of our course & date of his NEXT exam, we will provide extra few months coaching to him without any extra charge.

For students studying MBBS abroad:

For these students same rules as above apply. Duration of MBBS in different countries vary from 4 years to 6 years.
E.g. in Russia duration of MBBS is 6 yrs. So if student takes admission in 2020, he will be passing final year MBBS in Jun 2026. So he will appear NEXT in March 2027. This student should join Tagore Bright Education World  6 yrs course where we will coach him till 31st Dec 2026.

As dates & month of exam may vary by couple of months here & there, we will provide 2-3 months extra service to the students if required without any extra charge

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About Us

Tagore Bright Edu World is collaborating with Bright Edu world having 5 decades of experience in the field of education. Bright Edu world is one of the largest companies which specialized in providing online video coaching for NEXT Exam


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